Any info/advice on HCC??

  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me as I'm considering HCCs ASN program.

    I was recently accepted to USF as an education major, but I've decided to pursue nursing instead. Its been a really hard decision for me. I'd love to get my BSN at USF, but most of their course offerings are during the day. I'm a SAHM of 4 with little childcare during the day. I could arrange for late afternoon, but mornings and such are rough.

    I notice that HHC has an evening/weekend program and many of the prereqs are offered in the evening as well. Anyone have info on the new Southshore campus? That would be the closest to my house.

    Is it a good program at HCC and are their graduates looked upon highly at local hospitals?

    If I do go with HCC I would want to eventually attend USF for my RN-BSN or MSN. Thanks!
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