AA Rn degree with summers off?

  1. I am trying to get into an RN (As) in Florida but I need the summers off because I work in a summer camp. So far every program i have tried to apply goes for 18 months straight, or if you do weekends it has to be year around.
    Does anyone knows how to deal with this? I just spend over a year taking pre reqs pass the NLN and it looks like no one will accept my apication unless I am willing to commit to 18 montsfull time.Help.
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  3. by   letsseehere
    I see from your other posts that you are looking into PBSC. Their full-time program is 4 semesters, with summers off.
  4. by   alaznik
    Thanks for answering, what is PBSC? is that the one in Key West?
  5. by   2011nurse
    Hillsborough Community College (HCC) in the Tampa Bay area has a 24 month program with summers off between 2nd and 3rd semester. I know you are looking for this, but it is rough!! I just finished 2nd semester and now have the summer off and I would MUCH rather be in school and be done with 4th semester by December instead of May!!
    Good luck finding a program that is right for you.
  6. by   letsseehere
    PBSC = Palm Beach State College, formerly Palm Beach Community College.