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Florida nurse making a move

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Hey guys! I am an RN currently working in florida. I have 1.5 yrs experience on a step down unit and 5 months experience in home health. There is a chance in january that me and my boyfriend will be moving to the greater Baltimore area (There is a job opportunity there for him) and wondered what the job market for a nurse with my experience is like. Also I was curious as to the cost of living. Everyone is telling me that it cost so much more to live up there? What can i expect. We are open to living in southern PA and commuting (I have family in PA). Would that be less expensive?

really no1 has any advice?!

HappyDay, RN

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Yes, Southern PA is cheaper than MD. Typical 1 br apartments can run from $800 (cheap) to $1600 (fancy) per month in MD. Typical starting RN salaries are around $25/hr in hosp setting. Working in a city, you are going to have to pay for parking. Suburban or rural hosp will have free parking. Food/Clothing/Cars are generally going to be the same in MD as in FL. There are many oppertunities for nursing. Most hospitals are still hiering, just not in the quantity they used to. This is a great place to live and work. Good luck with your move and job hunt.