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florida nicu

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Hey everyone,

I have recently moved to Florida from Wisconsin and am working in the nicu. I am wondering if I could get some feed back about other nicus in the state to possibly work at next. I currently enjoy my job but the patient ratio is high as well as the work load. Just wondering if this is as good as it gets or if there is something better.

Thank you :)


Specializes in Neonatal, NICU level IV.

As far as NICU's in Florida, I would say:

ALL Children's (owned by johns Hopkins)

- 97 Bed level III NICU

Miami Chlidren's

- 37 bed level III NICU

Arnold Palmer Medical Center (Winnie Palmer Hospital)

- 52 bed level III NICU


Specializes in NICU Transport/NICU.

Where are you in florida and which nicu are you working for?


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