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Florida new grads are you finding jobs?

Hello everyone I just wanted to hear how other new grads were finding jobs. Did you have to move?

I graduated December 2013 and currently work for a home health agency here in south FL. What about other new grads?

Hey there

yea I only got call backs from CI's and they tend to be far, far away from major cities. I'm moving from Miami to Jacksonville in about 2 weeks.

I'm from SFL and graduated in Dec 2013 as well.

I do think it will be easier to expand the area where you are applying, but as a new grad, the local facilities where you school had clinical rotations might make it easier for you to land a job. They'll be familiar with the students that come from your school and hopefully you.

Congrats!! I was finally offered a position down here in a local hospital! Our persistence definitely paid off. Good luck in your new job!


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