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Float pool in Missouri hospitals

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Different hospitals do different things. I was wondering if anyone who works in their hospital's float pool or knows someone who does can chime in on this one.

How does your float pool work?

What is starting pay?

Can you work as many hours as you want? 

What are the mininum hours necessary? 

Are your hours guaranteed or can you be called off?

If you commit to fulltime hours, do you get benefits?

Do you float daily or are you assigned to a unit for a period of time?

Do you float in the middle of your assignment and how many times per shift can this happen?

Do you float to one or more hospitals within your system?

What qualities and personalities work best in the float pool?

What is orientation/training like in the beginning?

Is experience required for hire?

Please write down what hospital you work at and if you are med surg and/or critical care, or ltac.

 Thank you in advance.

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