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  1. i am a nursing student interested in flight nursing. in fact, i am using it as my topic for an issues paper i am writing. the following questions are open to anyone who is knowledgeable in this area and who is willing to help me get an "A". please leave your name, title, and state in which you are employed. thank you =)

    1) why did you choose to become a flight nurse?
    2) how long have you been working as a flight nurse?
    3) what are some of the prerequisites one would need to enter into this field?
    4) what was one of the most dangerous rescues that you have ever done?
    5) is there a certain plan of action that has to be followed before each rescue? if yes, please explain.
    6) what do you think of when you are in the air?
    7) in your opinion, do you think that this would be something that after a while could become routine? one could be "used to" doing? if no, please explain.
    8) what helpful hints could you give to someone interested in becoming a flight nurse?
    if there is anything else you would like to add, please feel free to write.
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    I would be willing to answer some questions, please give me an e-mail address to respond to
    Deanna RN, PHRN, EMT-P