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  1. Hi there,
    My name is Heather and I am doing a research paper on flight nursing for my college (I am a nursing student and would like to be a flight nurse when I am done)
    What I need to supply is an interview or two from flight nurses. If you have the time and/or energy, I would appreciate any information I may receive for the questions below.

    1. Why did YOU choose to be a flight nurse?

    2. What is your degree in and did you specialize?

    3. What is the most difficult daily task that you personally deal with as a flight nurse?

    4. What do you do to remedy the stress of the job?

    5. What personality traits do you feel make a good flight nurse?

    any other tidbits of wisdom would be appreciated.
    I thank you for the time....hopefully I can return to you all a 4.0 at the end of the semester!

    Thank you so much,
    Heather Peralta
    Orlando Florida
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