Please Help...looking for flight scrubs

  1. i am looking for a brand of scrubs...........the only thing i can remember is that the logo are flight wings. i bought them on line 2 years ago for a friend, and now i can't find them again. i think the brand was aviation______.............something like that. thanks everyone
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  3. by   CapeCoralNurse2be
    Are you talking about the one piece flight suits that have a zipper up the front and lots of pockets? We use to wear them in the fire department... if so try here..

    We used to buy all ours at military surplus places.
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  5. by   medic26

    that is it!! thank you so much. :hatparty: i feel like a jerk, that was too easy.
  6. by   honeyb111
    You're quite welcome!!!!

    And don't feel like a jerk - I always forget the easy stuff :chuckle