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  1. Ok all, I know this ? probably has been worn out, but..... What can I do to become better qualified for a flight nursing position? I'm an RN, NREMT-P with 10 years nursing exp. (6 Neonatal ICU and 4 in Level 1 Trauma Center) some Peds ER exp too. Have ACLS-I, TNCC-I, PALS, NRP, PHTLS, BTLS, CATN, and I'm taking the CEN in 2 weeks. I am looking for any advice for additional courses or certifications that would give me an edge over other job applicants, any help??????
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    How long have you been a paramedic? I'm not sure about Erlanger, but i know UT lifestar eats up RN/EMT-P but you pretty much have to kill off the person in front of you...