Need Flight Nursing Knowledge

  1. I am a student preparing to enter an accelerated nursing program. I have two years experience as a firefighter/EMT and want to prepare myself for a career as a flight nurse. Anyone have advice beyond getting accepted into a nursing program? What else can I do?
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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    Read the threads here for starters.
  4. by   shadowflightnurse
    Once you finish your nursing education get as much experience as you can in as many areas as you can. You will see some who say ER nurses make the best flight nurse and some who say ICU nurses make the best. In my opinion, the best flight nurse would be the one with the most well rounded experience. You will need to work in an ER that sees a broad spectrum of patients...not necessarily a trauma center. As an ICU nurse try to get all the different patient types you can. Try not to get too specialized in whatever area you work in. If all you know is post-bypass patients (for example), you will not be very adept in dealing with a mangled trauma patient will a severe head injury and an airway issue. Good luck with whatever you do,