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  1. Does anyone use a laptop to generate their PCRs? I love the ease of charting when I do it, but if the EMT-P generates the PCR, it is full of my penned in corrections. This looks messy, and we don't have time to re-do it in a timely manner. Also, I get sick in the ambulence typing the darn thing on the way home. Also, our transports average 1 1/2 hours each way = 3 hours on winding and often bumpy roads.

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  3. by   KR
    My volunteer fire department uses portable computers to do our trip sheets and we have for about a year. We do not have a keyoard per say on urs though. They have screens and an electronic pen. The software is equipted with hand-writing recognition or we have the option of having an on screen keyboard that we just point to the letters with the pen and put them in that way. This system works very well for us. If you want any other information feel free to email me. Kim