hospital based flight programs

  1. Does anyone know of any hospital based life flight programs?
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  3. by   QMA_David
    We have a couple here in Indianapolis and maybe I'm wrong but I thought most major cities had them??? :uhoh21:
  4. by   mommatrauma
    University of Pennsylvania has Pennstar and Jefferson University Hospital has Jeffstat...
  5. by   ERNURSE4MS
    I live in central Mississippi and we work with 3- North MS medical Center-Aircare, University Medical center , And Elvis Presley Trama Center Memphis, TN- The Wing-Pediwing. They are all awesome flight crews. I admire them ALOT.
  6. by   shadowflightnurse
    Hospital based flight programs are still around, but their numbers are declining. There is a difference between a "hospital based" program and a "hospital owned" program. The number of independent or privately owned programs are increasing. Many hospitals have done away with their flight program because of the $$$$$ factor. Are you looking for employment or genreal information? A good site is "" It is specifically geared to flight services.