Flight Nursing: What do I need to Fly?

  1. I was am EMT for 5 years in the Philly area. I am a junior in a BSN program in SC. I am working part-time on a surgical/trauma stepdown unit. I will graduate Dec. 2000. What is the best position to go after when I graduate?
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  3. by   CHUBBY
    JS-get a position in an ICU/CTICU- the bulk of flights are cardiac so you'll need balloon pump,A-line type experience. Most programs won't look at ya, even if you have tons of ER/street stuff. If you can, get your PM certification-it PA it's permanent (yippee)
    National Registry wouldn't hurt, but thats a bite of a test. BTW-Where near Philly? That's where I'm from . Good luck!