Flight Nurse Interview

  1. Hi Everyone, I have been invited to test for a Flight Nurse job next week in MO and have no idea what to expect. Any information or insight anyone might have on how to prepare would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks guys!
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  3. by   Dobi
    In my previous experience the questions are somewhat generic to any position looking for a good "personal" fit and seeing if you would function well in the environment. Asking how you fit in with working in tight spaces and dealing with prolonged down time. Conflict resolution and customer service type questions. They have already examined your resume and determined you meet the medical qualifications and do not ask too many medical questions. Depending on your background they may ask a generalized ACLS type question or something that a Nurse with your resume would be able to answer. More established programs will have a few members present including a base member along with chief flight nurse and HR person. Or maybe not. Good luck to you. This is an assessment of personality. Act and dress professionally.