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  1. After reading some threads discussing which is preferred nurse or medic I now have to ask to see what others think. -m currently a RT I want to fly and was going to go to nursing school but now I'm kind of thinking being a medic might be they way to go. Any advice would be a big help.
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  3. by   rghbsn
    There are programs that will let you fly as an RT. Just another idea. I know that Maryland has some, Charlotte, NC has one...I'm sure there are others.

    The best thing for you would be to talk to some medics and nurses that fly/transport face to face. Have some questions written down and get some answers. I am a nurse, and I wouldn't change it. I would like to get my paramedic as well, because I think it would be beneficial to have the training. I get paid better than the medics I work with, and I don't agree with it. Doesn't mean I'm splitting my paycheck with them, though. I also have a bit more flexibility in where I can work as a nurse...and if I hurt my back or knees, I can still work and make a good living at a hospital, SNF, school, office, any number of places that I would not be able to work as a medic. I'm not saying it's better in general, but it's better for me.
  4. by   Rio
    The program in Hartford Conn. fly a RN and RT pairing. I think* both need to be EMT's. One may* have to be a Paramedic.
    If you're already a RT I would go the RN route because of the increased job opportunities and pay.
    In many programs RNs earn more money than the Paramedics. Even though they may do essentially the same job.
    * not absolutely sure.
  5. by   IllinoisCCEMT-P
    I am a critical care transport medic working in illinois and I would recommend getting your RN. The reason why is because there are more opportunities for you to fly after you have paid your dues. Most helicopters in illinois use a CCEMT-P/Flight RN but there are programs that just hire RN's. They are the ones that do very little scene flights but do a lot and i mean a lot of speciality transports primary neonates and peds. On the other side as a paramedic you can work for the fire department and they start out very well in pay and you get a pension. It just depends on the way you want to go. I would be a medic if i had to do it all over again. I love doing what i do. Sorry if i seem bias. I also know medics that became RN's and love it. Ohhhh also in some states after you get your RN it is very easy to get you PHRN and when you have that you can do both