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  1. :spin: Hi all, I will be graduating in Dec 07, and moving to Knoxvill TN, from Charleston SC, I am hoping to work at the University of Tennessee Hospital as its a level 1 facility, I will be looking at one of the ICU's there or the ER, what would you suggest, for the experiance, I am 37 and have had quite a full life with 8yrs British military, 4 yrs Fire service, EMT, and for the past 4 year Ive been an ER tech whilst going to school etc. The ultimate job in the world is Flight nursing and I look up to all of you out there. And I will one day be up there with you all. I would be very greatfull for any advice you could send me. Bye for now, safe landings. Paul
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    I'd say start with the ICU, give yourself three years at least. Get the various alphabet soup classes (ACLS, PALS, BTLS, etc) and an area certification (CCRN).

    You should also look at Vanderbilt. Their flight program is highly reguarded and everyone I've met from there seems great.

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