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  1. Flight nursing has always been an interest to me as well as other areas of nursing. What would be some of the requirements needed to become a flight nurse. I have my BSN and am working on my MSN. I work in the ER already and would like for information on flight nursing, requirements, scheduling, pay, etc. Thanks for any input you may have.
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  3. by   mattcastens
    The first bit of general advice I would give is to get ICU experience. While ED experience is always helpful, most flight programs require three or so years of ICU before you will be considered. The reason for this is that ICU tends to give you a better understanding of hemodynamics and various drips than the ED. Also, most flight nursing is critical transports as opposed to scene response, so you need to be comfortable with the more standard critical care population.

    As for the rest, it varies from company to company. I will say, though, that flight nursing is the hardest field to get into -- someone generally has to die before you will get an opening. Good luck, though, and keep working toward it!