ADN or BSN to be able to be flight nurse?

  1. Hi,
    I am a nursing student who is very interested in flight nursing. I am wondering if you need to have an ADN or BSN or dont it matter as long as you have ER/ICU exp. and the required certifications? I would be working in Minn. if that matters.
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  3. by   Coldfoot
    ...I fly with both. Most places really don't seem to care, I'm a Medic flying Critical Care in Alaska (part time now). We fly medic/nurse teams and have both ADN's and BSN's on staff. The experiance thing is the most important. Some of our RN's have gone ahead and gotten a bunch of letters behind their names (CFRN, CCCRN, CEN, ect.) but those are not as important as experiance.