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FL- Adictions Nursing scholarships available??



I am beginning an LPN diploma program on the 29th of this month... I am 44 y/o female returning to school after raising two children and recently enduring a divorce from a 25 year long marriage...

Since my separation in 2012, my FICO has plummeted from 810 to just under 500. I am in the financial aid process of securing grants, scholarships & loans. Because of my horrific credit, the loan process has been far more difficult than I had predicted. I am determined to obtain financial assistance without a co-signer.

I plan to dedicate my career to helping others with addiction issues and illness.

Is anyone aware of scholarships/grants/loans specifically geared to assist students with interest of a career in Addiction help/ rehab field?

Any advice is much appreciated! -RB

Always : Loans & Scholarships

most anything addiction related will be at a college level and not a national level. Finding scholarships in these areas are far and few and really go to specific areas of study. Plus your not going to see the Budwiser Scholarship of Addiction Nursing foundation. Its a buzz kill.