Yuckkk! Essay Paper Time! Help!!

  1. Hi everyone!

    Its my last semester and I was so excited until I heard about the dreaded RESEARCH paper! It has to be written in APA style format...whatever the heck that is! I looked up some stuff about it on the net and it looks like a pain in the heiney!

    Did you guys have to do one also? Any tips? Anything at all to make this hell a little better? Anyone wanna make any money and sell their paper? hehehehe...I know Im gonna get yelled at by someone on this board for that comment but hey...Ill give it a shot!

    But really, any help at all would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks guys! Best of luck to you all in your new jobs!! Cant wait till Im there with ya!

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  3. by   llg
    I'm surprised you never had to use APA format before your last semester. Most colleges require it for every paper from freshman year on. It is the most common standard for the production of scholarly papers -- and it is important for nurse scholars to maintain standards equal to those of other disciplines. We don't want other disciplines to think we are inferior because we don't know how to write a proper scholarly paper.

    I recommend getting a copy of the book itself. Perhaps you can borrow a copy or buy a used one -- it only gets revised every few years. Then follow it to the letter. Things like the margins of your pages, how to do the reference list, etc. are all important. The faculty is telling you up front what they expect -- so, there is no reason to be surprised if they grade you down if you don't follow the correct format.

  4. by   memphispanda
    Here are a few resources, but you may want to ask if there is a specific edition they are using, as they differ slightly. Also, there are some "optional" ways of doing things that your school may require or dislike.
  5. by   researchrabbit
    APA style format is not any more difficult than any other format. Just follow the rules as you go.

    First set up your paper title. Then the body of your paper. Then format your footnotes as you go. Then format your bibliography/references.

    And please do yourself (and all of us) a favor and do your own work. You will be happier with it in the long run.
  6. by   SpecFuz
    Well, I have to do my first bibliography assignment in my first nursing class. My teacher has stated we have to use APA Format (and I've never heard of it before). Well, thing is I have a specific article from the Nursing Standard journal I need to use, but I pulled it off a website. I'm quite confused what the correct format to use is and was wondering if anyone with experience in this could give this first-timer a quick hand.

    The article is: Xavier, G. (1999). Asepsis. Nursing Standard, 13, (36), 49-53. Does that look remotely right????? Thing is I pulled it off this website: http://www.nursing-standard.co.uk/ar...13w36p4953.pdf

    So does that mean this would be the correct format?

    Xavier, G. (1999). Asepsis. Nursing Standard, 13, (36), 49-53. Retrieved January 17, 2003 from http://www.nursing-standard.co.uk/ar...13w36p4953.pdf

    I'm sorry to be asking but school was cancelled yesterday and today due to snow and I have no opportunity to ask anyone before it is due. My first 2 weeks of school have been kind of whacky. We were suposed to learn vital signs today, but school was cancelled and we were just told we are still getting our first check-off's next Fri. and that we'll have to learn BP etc. on our own???!!! Um, and if we fail a check-off, we fail out of school! And um, I've never done a BP before! (trying to sound like I'm not in a total panic).

    Thanks for the help! I truly appreciate it,
  7. by   Sleepyeyes
    I wound up buying a book on APA format, but your library might have a copy. It's a good reference to have and it doesn't cost that much:

  8. by   nicoleinphilly
    Thanks for all the replys you guys! You are alot of help! I need one more favor......I have to use 3 references from nursing journals no more than 3 years old. I'm an internet person, not a library person, so does anyone know where I can find nursing journals that I can read right online so I dont have to go to the library? Thanks again!!!

  9. by   Gator,SN
    HI Nicole!
    The library at your school may have recent copies of nursing journals. I hate to say it but you may HAVE to go to the library. I too like the internet, but I don't trust all the information that I get on here. I too have to write several papers this semester and no way am I going to chance my grade by using info that I can't back up in writing. If you find a journal at the library you can xerox the page and never have to worry if your sources are ever in question. Just my opinion.
    Good luck with your papers!
  10. by   laurab2jb2
    Hi Nicole -

    Do you have access to ebscohost.com from your school library? I had to sign up for a "distance" user name and ID at the library, but then I could look up all the online journals at home. Much nicer! See if your library uses this.

  11. by   kittyw