Yeah, NOW the downturn.

  1. Just want to say thanks first to all of the helpful advice I have gotten here throughout school and the NCLEX even when I was just "lurking". I am now like some of my fellow new grads on the board looking for a job and am not having an results after applying with several hospitals.

    I want to take some classes as suggested (EKG, ACLS etc.) to make myself more profitable but unfortunately cannot afford that right now. I am getting nervous because the first loan re-payment coupon arrives in June...

    After reading some encouraging articles here and here I am going to look into LTC and SNF's but was wondering what other avenues could I take especially when I don't have the experience needed? Will I still keep my skills at an LTC/SNF? I eventually would like to get into either ER or OR nursing. (I really like both. ) Any advice on places to look?
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