which PDA?

  1. Have any of you purchased a pda and software to help you in your new jobs?

    I'm considering this so as to have an easier time catching up to my more experienced partners.

    brand/model/software please, if any.


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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    i love my visor prism...not really used fir work...but to organize my life...i'm much better now...
  4. by   RNConnieF
    I started with a Visor, now use a Sony. I have program for med calcs, drip rate calcs, common s/s for many diseases, a nursing PDR, and a conversion calculator. Guess you can tell I LOVE my handheld for work. For personal use I have a program that helps me track my caloric intake (even has calories for most fast food places), BMR, and calories spent in exercise (even has calories used for house cleaning!). This has got to be my favorite program. I have lost 15 pounds in less than 2 months using it! Gotta love techonology!
  5. by   prmenrs
    I just bought a Palm m130 last week--and saw an ad yesterday for palm 5?? for about the same price. Where's the disgusted smilie???

    What's the name of your calorie program, Connie? I could use that.

    I know there is a Neofax (neonatal pharm reference) for Handheld, also Harriet Lane. I Might buy the Neofax if I go back to work someday, but right now I don't have any use for either. Yahoo!!!
  6. by   RNConnieF
    It's called "Diet and Exercise Assistant" I got it at the Handspring web site. It was less than $20.00 and I LOVE it.
  7. by   Cardiolo
    I use a Palm 515 and loooooove it! I have the programs that Connie mentions, except for the caloric intake doodad. I'll be looking that one up. Prmenrs, I think you may be talking about the Palm 500 or 505. I like the m130 because it has a color screen. I can view and edit Word and Excel documents, and do something with Power Point (haven't used that yet). I also have a photo viewer that also plays short videos, and a load of games. What a deal I received...it included a 64MB SD card! Go for it V SPN!

    For those of you who haven't dropped yours yet...I have. The 64 MB card even popped out...sheesh! . I was so worried, but everything still works like a charm.
  8. by   GPatty
    I have a Palm125. I love it! I have all sorts of programs on it and still have plenty of room!
    Maybe someday I'll update to a newer version, but for now, I'm happy.

  9. by   Ortho_RN
    I Just recently got a Handspring Visor Edge.. I love it... I have of course Epocrates on it, a BMI Calculator, IV Drip Calculator.. All kind of neat stuff...

    Whatever brand you get just make sure it works off of a Palm OS... Some run off a Windows OS or others... Most of the programs are made for a Palm OS..

    Good Luck.. I love mine..
  10. by   hoolahan
    Darn it, posted a big note, then server went down!! Grrrrr!!

    I just bought a Visor Pro. I went through a lot of research to settle on this one.

    First, do a google search or go to www.palm.com or www.handspring.com and read some articles, see what you want this thing to do for you. I know I want to create databases for my nurses notes in HH, and in my new workers comp CM job, I don't want to be dragging charts and files around. I can enter notes into palm, sync to PC and print out notes, viola!

    Second, go to some computer stores, but DON"Y BUY!! Play with all the various types of the demos models. I went to Best Buy and got a great book, about all you can do with palms. BIG help!! Found out I can enter shortcuts for words, like make pt=patient, but when it writes or prints, it auto converts to the spelled out word, this will come in very handy for those notes I take in the field!!

    You will be amazed at all the choices, it is very hard to choose. The Handspring treo's have built in keyboards, but they were all color and had things I wouldn't use. From what I read, color drains the batteries, so for me, that would not work on the road for extended periods. That automatically elim all the color units for me.

    Once I saw the choices and had an idea that they are all very very similar. I decided I wanted the most memory in B&W. That took me to the Visor Pro, with adaptors, you can even give a power point presentation w just the palm top!!

    I purchased a portable keyboard, folds up to same size as palm $69 at best buy, by tragus, works w visors.

    I also picked up streetmap software, since I will be on the road, and able to zoom in to local roads, instead of having local road map of every county in several states. And Documents To GO, which allows me to interface w word and excel on my PC.

    Handspring has an area of its website called handango, it's a lot of freeware software to download, and other downloads dirt cheap. RN tracker or pt keeper look good for hospital nursing. I plan to download medrec, since this will work better for me in my position, I can enter consultants, pt demographics, etc... They also have most of the programs mentioned above. TONS of medical programs, many are free.

    So, my advice is go play, then buy on-line. I did a lot of price-surfing and actually got the best deal on handspring, $199 plus free travel/car charger, and free shipping. IT was the same price on most other sites, but no other freebies or free software.

    Mine should arrive any day!! Can't wait. Have fun!! WE should start a PDA forum!!
  11. by   morghan
    Hi all:

    I had bought a Handspring visor, which I liked well enough, considering the budget of somebody in Grad School (HA!)... then someone at work stole it I next purchased a Sony Clie... it runs off of Palm OS software, has 16mb, and a memory stick slot (Sweet).. then the danged screen cracked sooooooooo,,, I have to go out and get another. Cannot be all the places I need to be without one. The Clies also have a rechargable battery which is a plus... not having to replace batteries and worry about losing data
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  12. by   Ortho_RN
    That is another thing to make sure and get... My Handspring Edge has a rechargeable battery.. Many use AAA's and it can suck the juice out of them rather quickly if you use them alot... I also order mine off the Hanspring Web Site, and mine came with a Free Aluminum Case ($40 value)... and free shipping...
  13. by   sherbeari
    RNConnie, which program are you using for the "common s/s for many diseases"? I work in the ICU and use "Emergency and Critical Care Pocket Guide", as well as Epocrates and Medcalc... and a few others.
    BTW, I use a Handspring Visor deluxe which has 8 meg.