When to question orders?

  1. As a new grad, I think its slightly taboo to disagree with a doctor, or question their order
    out of fear that you are actually incorrect and could potentially sound like you know nothing to your superiors.

    However, this post is to let everyone know that its actually not that scary at all and QUESTION EVERYTHING. If you don't question things, how will you learn?

    I get Dm'd on Instagram all the time with questions related to when a new grad nurse will feel comfortable questioning doctors or even offering your own input on what orders need to be completed for a patient.

    The truth is, I don't know when you will become comfortable, we all become comfortable with things at different times. Each new grad nurse is different, some don't fear asking questions early on or questioning orders while others are scared to death.

    The only advice I can say it ASK WHATEVER YOU NEED TO. Question orders if you are unsure, ask your superiors, whether that be your charge RN, or doctors.

    Don't be scared of anyone, even if they're intimidating. We are all human, we DONT know everything and thats the beauty of nursing, its a career where you never stop learning and with that being said, you can't learn without asking questions so never fear asking questions.

    Ask away my friends!
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