What is the likelihood of getting hired in another county as a new grad RN?

  1. Hi all,

    I will be graduating a year from now and am interested in hearing from new grad RNs or senior nursing students. Currently, I am not interested in living where my nursing school is currently located and would like to be back home or down south.

    I understand new grad positions are hard to come by, and beggars cannot be choosers but I am curious as to whether any new grads have gotten positions outside of the area where their nursing school is located. I have heard mixed things, but the consensus has been that it is difficult because you do not have the advantage of having clinicals in a different area and they give priority to their local residents.

    Of course if I am offered a position in my current location, I will welcome it with open arms. I would just like to have some feedback regarding if anyone has had issues/success in finding a job outside of their school area.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   NurseSpeedy
    It all depends on the market in your area. Talking with other nurses who work where you are considering will give you a better idea. I found out from one recruiter that I could only apply for regular RN positions because I wasn't a ‘new' nurse (experienced LPN, new RN). So I applied for many RN positions in the regular applicant pool. I had five interviews lined up in the same week one month after applying. I found out after accepting a regular position with the same organization but different hospital that I would have been okay for a residency program in a specialty area that I wasn't experienced in if I had applied. Oh well. At least I avoided a contract and still got six weeks orientation to the unit.