What are important questions to ask in first job interview?

  1. I am going to my first job interview next week. Please give me some tips on all-important questions to ask. The position is RN on a med-surg floor. I will start as a GN as I will be taking my NCLEX in June. Thanks.
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  3. by   zambezi
    Questions I would ask:

    What is the orientation program like. How long is it? Is an extention on the program available? etc...

    What are the staffing ratios like?
    What type of patients does the unit primarily care for?
    Will I be expected to float? How soon off orientation?
    What is the attitude of those that work on the floor? What is the atmosphere like? Is there a team atmosphere?
    Are you (the manager) available for help, support, questions, encouragement?
    What kind of educational offerings are available? Is there mandatory education? Do I get paid/reimbursed for education time/classes?

    And of course anything else that is important to you....