wanna give up old nclex books??

  1. HI everyone!!!

    GOd I wish I was you guys and already graduated!! COngrats to all of you!

    I was just wondering that if anyone has taken the NCLEX and wants to get rid of some nclex books Id be happy to take them off your hands! As you know, they are $30 - 40 each and thats not a pretty price while youre in school. Im willing to pay for them if anyone has any.....just email or send me a personal message! Thanks guys!

    PS: if you didnt take you nclex yet...my prayers are with you!

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  3. by   BMS4
    I have Lippincott, 7th ed. if you want it. I took the NCLEX last Wednesday, did 75 questions, and got my results on Friday (I passed). I'll be happy to send it to you, with the cd rom. Good luck, do lots of practice questions and you'll do great.

    I also did Kaplan's study quide. I read the whole book and did the cd rom. It was a big help. I can't send that one to you (I got it from a friend and I have to send it on to someone else). Sorry. But I do suggest you pick it up if you can.
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  4. by   Heather333
    I have the latest Lippincot's w/ CDROM. PM me if you want to buy and we'll talk about a price.

  5. by   Vsummer1
    Hey, now I feel all neglected. I posted the same thing a few weeks back and no one answered.

    If she doesn't want them, I DO!!!! I got 2nd dibbs!! PM ME PLEASE, and I can paypal if you want.

  6. by   Luv cats
    I have a NCLEX review 3000 CD software that was great and a Sanders Comprehensive review book, both that are from January '02. Plus, I can't find it, but remember that I used a red Kaplan book that was about the test more so than questions and it was amazing how much it helped. It helped you breakdown the questions and helped you learn all the types of questions. If I remember the name I will post it because it was a lifesaver!