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  1. Hi all!

    I've been lurking for a while, but I do enjoy reading these boards. I'm hoping those of you who recently took the NCLEX can answer this.

    I just got my ATT, and scheduled the test for Dec 17. I'm currently working on the Saunders Comprehensive review book. I also read the Kaplan NCLEX review book and found their strategies very helpful (I hope!).

    Anyway, I noticed the Saunders book mentioned that there might be free text entry questions and picture questions (i.e you identify a portion of a graphic related to the question). I knew that this was coming in a year or two, but according to the Saunders book it sounds like it's on the test now. Is this the case? If so, I'm really freaked out! LOL

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   RN always
    I just took the test on June 28 and I did not have any of those questions. I studied the Saunders and the Kaplan and I have to say the Kaplan prepared me the best for the test. Good luck and remember that you already know the material. you've studied it all already in school.
  4. by   BMS4
    RN always is right.

    I took the NCLEX Oct. 30 and I didn't have any of those either. I used Lippincott and read Kaplan's. I felt it helped me. Good luck, just remember to relax, get plenty of rest the night before, and eat a good breakfast. You'll do great.
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