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Wow, I can't believe that when I joined this forum I had just decided to go back to school, and now, here I am 3 months away from graduating! So, just wondering...How long did you wait to take NCLEX... Read More

  1. by   08RNGrad
    Bought an NCLEX book prior to graduating and once I graduated, I took it right away. Get it over with!! Best of luck!!
  2. by   newbieRN724
    Graduated December 2012, RN program, took NCLEX January 2013, got my first job February 2013
  3. by   nurs1ng
    Graduated March 2012, took NCLEX in May 2012. Landed an internship in October 2012, and got a job offer by Dec. of the same year.
  4. by   julz68
    I graduated December 14, 2012
    Took NCLEX the first available date which was February 4, 2013
    Just got hired yesterday (2/12/13)
    Start orientation next week.
    I started applying even before graduation because I knew it might take a while to get interviews and hired....and since I applied early, I knew I had to take NCLEX asap. Everything fell into place nicely
    Now I'm just scared and nervous to start my career!!!
  5. by   LauraLiz
    So you guys are saying don't wait? lol
    I want to get a job ASAP but I also REALLY want to take my kids to Disneyland before I end up with a new job and not able to take time off! We'll see... Maybe I'll just take my son out of school in May and go then! lol