Triplets..... private duty

  1. I just got a call from a cousin who's son and wife just had triplets. They just came home from this hospital after about a 3 week stay. I believe she is attempting to breast and bottle feed. Anyway they were wondering if I would be interested in staying over 2-3 nights per week to help feed and take care of the infants during the night. One is still on O2 and on an apnea monitor. What do you think.... and what should I charge?
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  3. by   renerian
    Yes I would charge........they can take it off their taxes or maybe insurance would pay.

  4. by   Randall
    I was also contacted for private duty---older gentleman(87). I am being paid $25 hour to oversee his meds, etc. The family thought this was a bargain as home health was 70 an hour. Right now I just work about 6 hours a week but they mentioned staying over occaisionally when the sitter can't stay. My full time job starts Aug 4. Am not sure if I will continue on after that or not.
    It would be nice to be caring for the babies!!!!