Took my NCLEX today...

  1. I am so glad its done! Me and Jennifer and Michael (friends from class) went to Cincinnati today to take it. I was ready for 205 questions and it kicked off at 85...I freaked. So I either did really really good or really really bad :chuckle Not really worried about it really. I feel really good about it. I had alot of Religion and Culture questions, lots of priortizing problems and communications, and peds. Now my friends had alot of Cancers, nutrition,and OB. It was odd (KIM...take note...Ms Horr told me alot of ppl had Culture and Religion questions) It was easier than I thought it would watch me FAIL! Well I'll know Friday I guess!
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    shannon, i am looking forward to hearing..."i passed"! keep the faith!
  4. by   Nicunurse_RN
    Shannon, I had 75 questions and passed. I also had alot of religion & culture questions. I also had tons of peds. Wish you luck. Let us know how you did.
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  5. by   futurecdrn
    Hey Shannon sounds like you did very well on NCLEX! I'm excited for you! Congratulations! Just started preparing for the big exam and did my yoga tonight after studying for 5 hours! I still have a ton to read and practice questions to do but I'll never give up. You guys inspires me. Thanks and best wishes :-)
  6. by   GPatty
    I know you did well...we've been in this too long to even think about failing!
  7. by   OHmom2boys
    I'm sure you ALL did great! I go on Tuesday the 10th in Columbus. I haven't picked up one book!
    I think it's time for a refresher!
    Good luck, and let me know!