tomorrow is the day

  1. Well tomorrow is the day, I am driving up to Montgomery today and testing in the morning. I am just ready to get it behind me. The testing center in near my house (Mobile, AL) next opening was the last week of Sept, I just could not wait that long. I will post tomorrow or this weekend with my thoughts about it for all of you guys getting ready to take it.
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  3. by   fit4lifenurse
    Best Wishes to you Berry! Trust that you are intelligent, well-educated, well-prepared and you will pass. I just started getting ready for NCLEX last week which I want to take by Oct. 31 or latest Nov. 15 but not sure if I can wait that long. Or, will I be ready enough by Oct. 31? What review materials did you use? Did you attend any courses like Kaplan? How long did you study for NCLEX?

    Have a nice day. Stay positive and relax. I'll say a prayer for you. You are at your peak of success!

    PS: I've been to Birmingham, AL last 2000 for one of our training at work...saw hockey game too.
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  4. by   berry
    Well that test was not anything like I was expecting, I took 75 questions and dont feel real good. I answered 1800 something review questions from a few different sources and most of them were very different from them ones on the test. I have a feeeling it is going to be long week or so until I get me results.
  5. by   macarmy
    When I took the NCLEX last month, I also had 75 questions. They were nothing like the practice questions I had been doing! I left the testing center feeling sad and was almost certain I did not pass. But then I got my results back later and found out that I did pass! I hope you did too. Keep us posted okay?
  6. by   live4today
    My prayers are with you! :kiss
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    berry, all the best to you!
  8. by   jnette
    Go, Berry, go, Berry, go, Berry, go ! did just FINE. I just know it !