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  1. Hey all, I'm thinking about taking the GRE soon (but not too soon!). I could use a little help w/ review materials, ie. what are some good books, computer reviews etc.
    I took a look at reviews of some books (like Kaplan) and none of them seem to have good reviews.
    Whatever advice anyone can offer would be appreciated!!


    ~ Melissa
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  3. by   KatieBell
    Kaplan actually has a pretty good review- they have inexpensive on line options. The in person classes are alot of "cheer-leading" but they give you a lot of tips and tricks (for certain types of Quant questions there are only a few you don't actually have to spend time doing a lot of math...) The cheer leading part I know because my friend took a summer long review before she took hers for Vet school. And they have a lot of test bank questions.

    I used some of the Kaplan resources (Not the classroom class) and I scored 1240- which is not too bad.

    Best Wishes