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  1. Hello everyone. I am graduating in May and I am applying for a job as a nurse intern and the expected salary question has gotten me hung up. Does anyone know where I can find pretty specific info on starting salaries for new grads in the S.W. Virginia and N.E. Tennessee area? Or, if you are a new grad in this area, what is your starting salary. It is a 410 bed hospital. Please help!
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    Dont get hung up with numbers. Just go with negotiable, and see what comes up in the interview. Take a good look at your skills, experience, and your personal disposition and be ready to negotiate a starting salary by pointing out your strongest attributes, experience etc. You will be offered whatever their starting salary for RN's is, and you may or may not be able to move that a little farther up depending on your skills etc.
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    Thanks so much! I think I will just put negotiable and see what they come up with.