Temporary Permits in Alabama

  1. I graduate in May and am very anxious to begin working. Are there any recent grads from Alabama who can tell me how long it takes to get your temporary license? Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   Shae
    If I remember correctly-LOL-it only took me about 2 weeks in 1994. Been so long ago, I can't remember exactly. Best to apply at least a month ahead.
    Good Luck and Best Wishes!
    Roots in Alabama...LOL. No matter where life takes me, it will always be "Sweet Home Alabama" & Roll Tide!!!!!
  4. by   Anaclaire
    I can't give you exact dates, but I can tell you this...

    Last October my sister moved from Georgia to Alabama. She contacted the AL Board of Nursing on their web site, downloaded the application and found all the other information she needed to apply. It took about 3 weeks from when she mailed everything. They have to contact the board of nursing where your other license is and your nursing school for other records. CEUs are required to obtain an AL license too.

    Just be sure you fill out everything correctly. Fortunately they have an e-mail address linked to their web site and they answer in a timely manner... according to my sister.

    Good luck! And we hope you enjoy nursing in Alabama.

    (By the way, I didn't request a temporary permit, just a regular license. It took about 3 to 4 weeks for mine to come. I'm not a recent grad and neither was my sister, so I don't know how much help my input is for you here...)

  5. by   ANEWBYRN
    Thank you both for answering! My school mails our applications after final grades are turned in and they see exactly who passed. Grades are due on 5/14 and hopefully the applications will be mailed that afternoon. I am supposed to start orientation on 6/2 if my temporary permit is back by then. If not, then I will have to wait until 6/16--which would be very bad since I am SOOOOOO broke!! A representative of the state board came to our school and talked to our class. She said it takes 2-3 weeks to get the applications approved. But, I wonder how long it really takes!

    Shae, in what part of Alabama are your roots located? Have you seen the movie "Sweet Home Alabama?" If so, what did you think about it?

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question.
  6. by   healingtouchRN
    the new grad from last summer in my dept (5 of them) got their results in 2-3 weeks. One gal did have to call & ask about hers as it was down to the last moments!
    As for the movie, "sweet home alabama"... I saw it on my b'day last year, (the hospital gave me movie passes for b'day). it was cute but it was filmed in Florida!!! The lead actress's accent was all wrong. She says "THINK you" instead of "thank you" or "thanks" or "thank ya'll". It was quite rural & I live in the capitol city so the air boat is just something we don't see here. We have lots of politicians, & if you drive out Vaughn Road you'll see cattle & goats. So my opinion of the movie is: if they want a southern gal, then hire one for the part. I mean look at Delta Burke & Dixie Carter!!!! Everyone here does have a truck or two (in my case, two). It's like mercedes or lexus in other places, trucks are a status symbol, & necessary if ya like to haul stuff!
    Best wishes on NCLEX!! Think BIG!!!:chuckle