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  1. Hi, Im new to the whole site, but Ill be graduating this June, and was wondering on what books are the best to study from and whats a good way to be prepared. I just bought te Saunders one, and it's pretty good. But any help would be great, it's hard to believe I have about a month left, now is the time when it's starting to get a little bit scary! Also just one last thing, before I bore you to tears, I have a job lined up, and it's on a med-surg floor, does anyone have any comments/tips anything on working there as a new grad? I loved it on clinical, but then again that was with two patients! Thanks everyone in advance
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  3. by   peaceful2100
    Here is what I have been told as far as studying. Start with your weak subjects first. The areas that you have the most problems with and take it from there. Review questions EVERY day if possible. The more questions you can review the better. The experts recommend that if you can study at LEAST 3,000-5,000 questions before you go to take the NCLEX that would be the best.

    In addition to Saunders I have Lippincott review questions which has 5000 questions between the book and Cd-Rom. That is a GOOD book. I have heard people say Mosby's is good.

    I graduate May 18th and I will be starting a Job on a med-surg floor as well. It is more of like a Post-Surgical care unit where the patients go after they have their surgery but many of those patients have many other medical conditions as well. I did my clinicals on that particular floor and I liked it too. Of course that was also easy for me to say since I only had 2 patients as well. It is going to be a total wake up call after graduation with more patients though.
  4. by   MRed94
    I graduate on May 22, and have been working on the Palliative Care unit for about a month now. I love it!

    I have some of the best mentors, and that has made the transition much easier. Pick a person that you think exemplifies nursing as you think about it, and ask her/him a million questions. I have just watched, and learned a bunch already.

  5. by   nadia562002
    I just graduated from a BSN program last night. My school just started a senior practicum in the last couple of years to help ease the transition into the real world. We worked for an additional 108 hours under a preceptor. I feel that the experience I recieved was very helpful in preparing me for NCLEX and the world. I use Saunders for study but I am sure that many others are just as good.
  6. by   schoony
    I just graduated Wednesday. We also did a preceptor program, what an eye opener. Hope I can keep up!! Only had 3 pt. as a student, these people are talking about 6 or 7 Yikes!!!!!!
  7. by   Angelica
    I stopped using the Mosby book because I found inconsistencies between the book and the CD. I like Lippincott, Kaplan and Saunders, though.