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  1. I start my Nursing courses in August of 2003, I 'm concerned about the NCLEX -RN test.

    I have signed a contract with the Nursing School I will be attending in August. In accordance to the contract I signed in order to have the Nursing School pay my school loan, I must start working for them 30-90 days after date of graduation.

    I realize that its some time away (2 Years) June of 2005 is my graduation date. My concern is passing the state boards in order to be an RN to work for the Hospital of the Nursing School.

    Does anyone know the statistics on passing the state boards test first time around ? I would appriciate any information as to how to increase my chances of passing the test the first time I take the test.

    Sincerly Terriwas
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  3. by   zambezi
    Hi Terriwas, congratulations on acceptance into nursing school...I am not sure of statistics, it probably varies per program, city, state, etc....I would suggest calling the board of nursing or by asking your school...Try to take the boards a couple weeks after your graduate instead of waiting...

    Regardless, don't worry about the boards will do fine, pay attention in school, buy the nclex study book (your senior year) and use it it guide your studies...for some people taking the nlcex review class is very helpful...for now, just concentrate on school...don't forget to have fun while you are there! Good Luck!
  4. by   Mkue
    Good advice zambezi.

    Good Luck Terriwas
  5. by   missionnurse
    Hi, Terriwas!

    I think you should check into the passage rates for your school to find out how well they will prepare you for the NCLEX!

    Try asking your question on the student nurse board. Many of us over there talk often about the NCLEX, so you might get more responses over there!

    Good Luck! You can do it! Just work hard! And get all the help you need!
  6. by   nadia562002
    I just graduated from a BSN program last night. My school has high 1st time pass rates on NCLEX. It was around 95% but dropped to around 85% recently for unknown reasons. The biggest thing I heard about NCLEX is to not walk in thinking you got all A's so you dont need to study. That is a sure-fire way of failing.
    But in the meantime, dont worry about NCLEX for a while. School prepares you pretty well for it.
  7. by   spiri1
    I have been busy with finales this past week and finally had the time to send a note of appriciation to those who have asistited in informative responses to my question regarding the NCLEX - RN.

    Initially I thought the Nursing Forum would simply be an informative site.

    After having read many of the post and have had assistents in answering a few of my own post through the boards, I have found a network of Nurses / Student nurses supporting the Nursing field through a genuin interest, caring and a passion for the field of Nursing.

    Thank you All for your assistence...............