Read but Nervous

  1. I was an LPN for 15 years finally went back and finished my ADN. Then took almost two years off before I sat my RN boards. I just needed a break. I sat my boards and passed with flying colors test shut off at 75 questions about gave my heart failure. I cried all the way home, not sure if I should be happy or scared.

    I went back to work doing home care visit for the last five months but recently decided to change jobs. I got a chance to go back to an area I worked as an LPN, L&D. Its a full training program with and then grouped with another nurse one on one for 10 weeks.

    I am scared to death, this is an area I have not worked for over 10 years and never as an RN. I keep asking myself if I will be able to stand up to what is needed of me. I will have more then one life in my hands. I have the mothers and that precious child. So one more week and I jump in feet first, I hope I find my stride again.
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  3. by   Mkue
    joan, you went back to school and you did it !! you can do this too!.. you sound like a caring motivated person, go for it !!

    best of luck to you, keep us posted on the new position.
  4. by   moonchild20002000

    The last time I worked L/D I had been away 13 years.I felt pretty nervous at first,it just didn't take long to feel comfortable again.

    Sounds like you have a pretty good orientation.Good luck! Let us know how its going!