Practice Test Scores

  1. Does anyone know what the relationship between practice test scores and the actual NCLEX results is?

    Meaning, what percentage on practice tests would be a good indicator of doing well on the actual exam? 50% 60% 90%
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    Cyberkat, thats a tough one, I'm not sure their is an answer. If the NCLEX is individualized to each person and the questions get harder or easier depending on if you answer correctly then only the the NCLEX test writers know what they consider difficult or easy.
    Maybe 80% is a good goal. I've been wandering about this too. I have a CD from Drexel excel and when I finish the tests it gives you a score. I haven't been able to get above 72% on the comprehensive exams though I got an 88% on the Mosby's right before graduation.
    Good luck with studying!
  4. by   mdwRN
    I never got above a 76% on any CD I did. I only got 75 ques on the NCLEX and passed. I generally scored around 69%-72% with those CD's. It's really frustrating, I know. 80% was always my goal if that helps. I also know fellow students in my class were scoring about the same if not worse.
  5. by   peaceful2100
    Now, I have heard rumors that if you get between 65-75% on the practice test than that is good and you should keep on practicing and reviewing test taking tips. If you score 75-85% that is very good, and you are becoming good at test taking and should keep answering practive questions until the exam as well. IF you score 85% and above then you really don't have much to worry about. If below 65% then you really should consider spending a considerable amount either reviewing on your own or taking a review course.

    That is what I have heard. I am freaking because I am now scoring at 80. I did really good on HESI which is similar to Mosby assess test. On HESI, I got 99, 85 and then on the exit exam I got a 90. My advisor told me I would be fine. However, I am scared and I don't even take NCLEX until end of July mainly because I don't have $200 right now to pay for the exam.
  6. by   Katnip
    Tonya, you should be fine then.

    Right now I'm working on Kaplan and Saunders and for some reason I just can't get above mid-70s Each one gets a little better though.

    I'm scared too. I just hope I get my ATT before I go on vacation next month, or I'll be miserable the whole time.
  7. by   fourbirds4me
    The Mosby Assess test which claims to be a great predicter of NCLEX success calulates the results of their test by percent. They say those scoring below 50% are at high risk to fail NCLEX. Below 56% -- some risk
    Below 63% -- low risk

    So if that carries over to other practice tests..... ummm I guess you are in pretty good shape if you consistantly score above 65%...
  8. by   MishlB
    All I have to say is the HESI and the NCLEX are completely different....I don't know how they actually get a percentage on the HESI. Wasn't it like 175 questions?? That's what I remember anyway. It got to the point where I didn't want to read anymore, too many questions!!!
  9. by   meownsmile
    First,, i thought that HESi was rediculous. My first thought afterward, as well as most of the others in my class was where did they get those questions? After i took the NCLEX i couldnt help but wonder, it wasnt anything like NCLEX as far as i was concerned.
    As far as the practice tests in the review books. I dont think i every topped over 80 percent with those, I got 75 questions and passed the first time. If you are doing over 75 percent, you should be in pretty good shape, just dont stop before you take your test. Good Luck!!! Keep studying!!!
  10. by   fourbirds4me
    I didn't take the HESI --- But the ASSESS was HARD!! I did well on it but it was hard and ver different than most practice questions I had done. Questions more in depth and it seemed like I was guessing a lot. I hope it truly is a predictor of NCLEX success!! :-)
  11. by   Angelica
    I consistently scored in the mid-seventies on practice tests, and I just passes with 75 questions.