1. Hello! I am just wondering about the orientation process for other new graduates. I started my new job almost 2 months ago & the unit that I was hired on has two separate areas. In the first area, I was on orientation for a couple of weeks & was with one preceptor, who was involved with the same patient that I was. I did everything for the patient, but she was also looking at the patient and reviewing my charting/decisions/whatnot. For this second area though, where I have been for going on four weeks now...this is not the case. During the first week, I took the same patients as my preceptor but after that...I kind of felt thrown into it. I have been taking my own patients as a new grad since that first week, while my preceptor takes her own patients. Several times out of the week, my preceptor has to leave early for whatever reason, leaving me without my preceptor even. I just feel that this is not fair to me. The area that I am currently in is not a difficult area, however, I feel increasingly frustrated each week. Any input you have is great, but I really just wanted to vent a little bit.
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