On call

  1. I have been put on call at least once a pay period for the last couple of months...anyone else dealing with this?? I am burning all my PTO just so I can get paid!! So annoying (although, some nights it is a blessed relief!)
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  3. by   mom2michael
    We can refused call if we want...well...it's not really refuse, you just say something like....isn't there ANYONE who wants the night off???? Usually there is a taker or someone with 1000+ PTO hours who would be more than happy to have the night off.

    It's winter so we are short now because of the million and one RTI and/or pneumonia which leads to various other illness which all mimic heart conditions which lands them on our floor......
  4. by   RNLisa
    Personally, I like call once in a while. Especially if it's when my kids are home or something is happening at home and I want to be here.
  5. by   GFocker
    On the floor where I worked all of the nurses were usually fighting for on call...lol!