Nursing skills book recommendation

  1. can anybody recommend an authoritative book on basic and advanced nursing skills that is

    1. well organised by chapters and sections

    2. explain each step in the skill

    3. explain the rational behind each step.

    4. easy to understand

    that is also used in most nursing schools in united states and canada.

    delmar's basic and advanced nursing skills is good but it's outdated (2003 edition)
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  3. by   HM2VikingRN
    Potter and Perry seems to be the gold standard....
  4. by   ZSPaphigleo
    I have found this book very usefull, and easy to use:

    "Nurses' Guide to Clinical Procedures" by Jean Smith-Temple and Joyce Young Johnson, printed by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins $35-40 new, spiral bound and will fit in a lab coat
  5. by   nurserynurse55
    I agree and the Potter and Perry post. They have several books, check them out on amazon.