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  1. I would like to know what others are doing to prepare for upcoming board exams. I will go over areas I feel the weakest in. Please let me know>
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  3. by   missionnurse
    AT our school we took ATI tests on the internet each semester. These tests followed our progression through school and gave us lists of areas we needed to personally work more on. I will probably read those.

    I also have a disc called Med-Surg Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. It is full of wuestions from every area, so I will use it to get some more practice!

    Good Luck everyone!

  4. by   schoony
    Our school has a paid consultant firm to come in and give us an exam just like the boards. He uses those to give you special information about your scores. He told us as a group to study peds and maternity the last couple of weeks before because you usually don't remember it if you are not going to specialize in them. He said to do 200 questions a day from Mosby, but I also bought others just to round out my knowledge.
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  5. by   nadia562002
    Our school has a paid consultant firm to come in and give us an exam just like the boards. He uses those to give you special information about your scores.

    Isnt this what the NLN test is for? The NLN exam gives you an NCLEX style exam and tells you where you need to study. My class got conflicting info on it in that one teacher told us to not study and the other told us to study the day after we tested. GO figure.
  6. by   schoony
    Yeah, we are now doing a 4 day Nclex review course, It is mandatory and cost $386. which is tagged onto the tuition when you register for your final semester. You have no choice but to go or the school does not forward your name to the boards so you cannot take them. What a ripoff, I think if you want to take the course you could add it and pay for it, but mandatory after you have already graduated!!!
  7. by   toledoRN
    Hi there all:

    I am too preparing for the boards. Just wondering if anyone would like to exchange Cds or wants any of the following Cds to help them prepare for the NCLEX. I have these Cds available:
    1. Kaplan Question Trainer 7 tests
    2. Saunders Q & A
    3. Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN
    4. Princeton Cracking the NCLEX-RN
    5. NASA NCLEX-RN review 4th ed.
    6. Lippincott's Review for NCLEX-RN 7th Ed.
    7. Springhouse NCLEX 3000
    8. Meds Publishing Gold 2002
    9. Davis's NCLEX-RN Success
    10. Mosby's review questions

    I also have 120 Feuer Nursing review questions.

    E-mail me at mightynurse007@hotmail if you are intereseted in any of the above NCLEX materials.
  8. by   NicuNsg
    I have been studying using both an NCLEX review book as well as the accompanying CD-ROM. Many new RN's that I have talked to have strongly advised me to study with the CD-ROM! The NCLEX is a computerized test, so this makes sense. It is really hard to study for this test, you have no idea what it will cover. For example, you may study really hard for some of the care needs of certain Med/Srg complications and have a bunch of Ped/OB/Psych questions. Don't stress over it, review a few of your weaknesses, know your Maslow's and the Nsg. process (for priority questions) and do your CD-ROM's and I really believe we'll do fine. Knowing what the question is really asking (critical thinking) is the key to the test from what I was told. Test yourself and the ones you miss or don't understand review it. I am scheduled to test on June 12> Good Luck everyone!!!
  9. by   rosemadder
    A friend of mine just took boards and she said that there were a lot of delegation questions on it along with Alzheimer's and communication. Of course, that doesn't mean we'll get those but....I'm still going to restudy those topics. I'm scheduled for boards on June 3. Good luck to anyone taking boards!
  10. by   cbb1008
    Wow, the thought of Boards on a computer. Oh the long lost days of 6 foot long tables where everyone takes the test on the same day..

    Good Luck everyone!~
  11. by   TinyNurse
    I graduated on Friday June 13th!!!! yay.
    Our entire class took the Sylvia Rayfield Review for 3 days before graduation.
    We also took the HESI exam which I scored 99.99% on.
    I have Saunders comprehensive review, and Mosby's review questions for NCLEX-RN, and the Sylvia Rayfield NCLEX-RN, how to pass book. I also just ordered Kaplans review book with CD-R off of Ebay for 10 bucks.
    I plan on doing 150-200 questions a day, my weakest areas are endocrine and pharmacology as the HESI has already identified for me.
  12. by   Katnip
    I paid for Kaplan program, and our school had an ERI week. The school one was absolutely useless. But the Kaplan was a big help. I keep reviewing the book and taking the practice tests.
  13. by   zacarias
    I'm taking the NCLEX sometime in July and am studying by using Mosby's NCLEX flash cards. They are portable and fun to use and I am learning a lot.

    I used Kaplan's CD-ROM test a few months ago and that gave me a feel for what it will be like to take the NCLEX test with the CAT format and how it is sitting for so long taking a test.

    A few friends and I are gonna study in a group using Saunder's comprehensive review.

    The director of our nursing program also told us that every student who shut off at 75 questions passed in the history of the program!

  14. by   xantha31669
    Two people I talked to that just took the NCLEX also said delegation. The other thing was prioritization. I am using the CD's at home and the books and flash cards during breaks in orientation. One of my friends did the paid program at NCLEX's website, she figured that was a good bet since they make the test!

    Good Luck to all!

    Test date July 7th!!