Northridge Hospital New Grad RN Residency 2018

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I recently applied to Northridge Hospital Medical Centers New Grad RN Residency Program for their April 9th 2018 cohort. I did not see another post, so I thought I would start one so we could updated each other through the process!
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  3. by   atnguyen5
    Hi! I've applied as well my application still says "under hiring manager review" and the last email I received just said that I'd be notified via email if I've been selected to participate in the pre-screening process and interview and that interviews will start in March. But I have yet to receive any other emails. Has anybody received any emails to participate yet?
  4. by   Cali0102
    Anyone else have an update??
  5. by   atnguyen5
    I called the recruiter the other day and she said they were still in the process of finishing up reviewing applications. They'll be calling about interviews soon but she was not able to give me a timeline.
  6. by   Cali0102
    Thank you for the update! I was about to call since I hadn't heard anything.