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Has anyone had an incident (screw up) during nursing school that made you question your competency? I'm in my last semester of an associate's program. On my third clinical day i made a huge mistake!... Read More

  1. by   babynursewannab
    What makes you think we'd reem you out?

    Relax and, like others have said, learn that lesson. We all make a mistake of some magnitude. Helloooo. We're in school here. aka. LEARNING.

    I don't think it was professional of your instructor to tell you you should be suspended for that and she'll be WATCHING you. How well do any of us perform under ultimatum pressure. It's just stupid and irresponsible of her to do that. IMHO. I mean, I understand she's trying to make a very important point. That is not lost, but c'mon...

    Anyhoo. Buck up. Burn that lesson into your brain, know you're competant and move on.
  2. by   Coytoy
    Just one oh-sh*t wipes out all those atta-boys don't it. At least it feels like that at the time. You would not believe how many mistakes students make. I have a friend who has a classic list that includes:Helping put on the patient's pajama pants, only what she thought was the pants was a laundry bag. Spilling liquid med on a patient. My favorite of hers was this one; she discharged a patient with a cathater prn adapter still in place. The patient went to his physician that day to get it removed. The doctor called the hospital to ask if we were implementing a new d/c procedure that he should be aware of. Oh well, she is now working as an RN. Love her to pieces. Good luck and God bless.
  3. by   Flynurse

    I think you need a BIG hug!

    I hope you feel better after all of the reassurance you have received from these wonderful nurses! I happen to agree with all of them. Good luck in your future career as a nurse!

  4. by   BMS4
    I agree with everyone else. I think your instructor let you down. Big {{{Hugs}}} Learn from the incident and move on.
  5. by   Darlene K.
    Listen to the Nurse! Learn from your mistake and you'll be fine. The big thing to remember is to not panic! I know it's easy to say, but you have to keep in control so that you can think rationally. Good luck to you!

    originally posted by stargazer
    you know, meownsmile, i was thinking the same thing. that whole, "don't discuss this with anyone or you'll get in trouble" thing? uh-uh. i think she knows she failed to supervise you properly, she's the instructor, and it's her butt on the line, not the student's.
    i was thinking the same thing too !

  7. by   debRNo1
    originally posted by nyangel
    --you are a student and are here to learn and you learned a lesson today that you will never forget for the rest of your life--

    you live you learn
  8. by   meh
    I am in my last wk of clinicals in the LPN program and we have had several students make some really big medication errors (one which cost someone their life). Take it as a lesson learned, because everyone makes mistakes. You were lucky!!! I have even made several mistakes.
  9. by   nyangel
    I can't express how much all of your support and advice have done for me! Since the "incident" I have decided to buck up and not let this teacher scare the sh** out of me. I have had 2 clinicals since then, I just stayed calm, focused on what I had to do, and didn't let her upset me. And I have done trach care again(checking the inner cannula # about 6 times!). I figure I'm ok and will be ok, I've made it this far and am kind of glad I learned such a valuable lesson now instead of when I'm employed as a RN. Again I thank all of you so much!!!
  10. by   meownsmile
    OK,, im gonna post this, because non of us like to ADMIT we screwed up!!!!
    One of the girls on my team came to me this afternoon and asked if i had filled one of my patients water pitchers,,, yes,, i had........
    then she asked if there was a reason i left the bar of soap in the pitcher?????,,, WHAT????? She laughed and said the SSE doesnt go in that end. LOL (yes we were in private conference room)

    LOL,, boy ill never live this one down. The soap that comes in the admit pack had been tussled into the pitcher before it was opened,, i grabbed the pitcher in my hurry and filled that puppy with ice and water. Luckily she had only a couple sips,, and the bar was still wrapped..... But boy how silly do ya think that made me feel. So lighten up,, dont be to hard on yourself and think about that bar of soap next time you are being hard on yourself. It will relieve the stress you put on yourself a little i hope.