NLCEX related anxiety

  1. Hi I'm new and very excited to have found this board. I just started reviewing for NCLEX-RN using Kaplan's Online. I also use Saunder's Comprehensive for reference. I'm a BSN grad and my challenge is that I didn't practice nursing, instead went to pharmaceutical sales (what I still do now) since college. That's why I am reviewing comprehensively.

    I want to take the exam by Oct. 31 but looking at the course content, I don't think it's a realistic time frame considering I just started reviewing last week. I'm overwhelmed, anxious, stressed...but totally determined to pass NCLEX. I study in Barnes, Starbucks and in front of my computer for 2-3 hours a day.

    How many months do you think I should study? What's ERI? What other reviewers should I use? Please give me tips on how to study smartly for this most important exam in my life, how to handle my anxiety while preparing.

    Thanks and I look forward to getting to know you guys.
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  3. by   Heather333
    The first thing you have to do is RELAX! The more anxious you are, the worse studying is going to'll just focus on how nervous you are and not really study what you need to. I just took the NCLEX in the beginning of August so I know what you are going through. I did not take a review course or anything. I bought Lippincott's NCLEX-RN w/ CD-ROM and a few other CD's and just plugged away at the questions. I think practicing on the computer was the best thing for me. That way I got used to the format because the NCLEX in computerized. I think I did over 3,000 questions before I took it.

    Since you have been out for a few years, brush up on the basics. Study some pharmacology, lab values, disease processes. The NCLEX mainly focuses on safety, assessment, and priority. There were A LOT of priority questions. There are not a lot of specific question about disease processes, but you need to know the specifics in order to answer the questions (hope that sounds right!)

    In any event, don't study until you are exhausted. A few hours a day is plenty. An definitely don't study a few days before the exam. You'll either know it by then or you won't. Cramming is awful on the nerves.

    I wish you the best of luck,

  4. by   fit4lifenurse
    Heather, thanks for your message. Congratulations on your success in NCLEX! You're right that I got to review the basics and knowledge content since I've been out of college for few years. I like Kaplan's Course book because it's on an outline format. Saunders is a great big book and a bit overwhelming. Have nice evening.

    How many months did you study?
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  5. by   Heather333
    I graduated in at the beginning of May and took it at the beginning of 3 months. Towards the end of July, I kind of let the studying slide. I figured I either knew it or I didn't and I wasn't going to drive myself crazy over it.

    Keep me posted on how the studying is going.