Newbie to take NCLEX-RN, please drop a note

  1. Hi there! I'm new and just want to chat with you guys. I'm about to take NCLEX-RN in five or so weeks so I'm freaking out. I feel like I don't have enough time to be well prepared before I take the exam. Haven't received ATT yet since Vue is mailing them out by 10/1/02. I've no exam date yet, but wanna take it by Oct-Nov. so I'll have peaceful holidays

    For those reviewing for NCLEX, would you mind giving me some tips on what books and cd-roms to use? How long do you plan to study?

    Thanks and hope to hear from you. Have a great weekend!

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  3. by   meownsmile
    Relax a little. Get yourself a couple good books,, mosby's, kaplan's whatever,, everyone has their own favorites. Look for one that also has a CD rom with study questions. Do a couple hundred questions a night either on the computer or in the books, and check your answers. See how many you are missing, review a little on the ones you miss the most on. If you check your answers and review the rationals in the books you will be reviewing that way. In five or so weeks you will be fine to take the NCLEX.

    I think we all have been through your anxiety. Give yourself a few days to just kick back and not do anything toward studying nursing, then go for it. Every few days,, take a break from it and pamper yourself a little. You will do fine.
  4. by   MelissaCT
    I suggest doing lots of practice tests instead of trying to read books.

    It helped me!
  5. by   ERDIVA2B
    Yes, you have the knowledge already! Use the Kaplan book and CD rom, spend your time reading this one, its so easy to read and gets you to the NCLEX mind set, like the NCLEX is the ideal world, no shortage, lots of help, think abc's, maslow and know erickson as well, prioritizing is so key!!! Therapeutic communication and psych, i also had a few geriatric questions like what is a normal abg for a 65 year old, and it listed 4 abgs and I had to pick one! Know values, I had no math, one drug question and a lot of the answers look right, Kaplan helps you think NCLEX! I passed with the minimum amount of questions and was done in one hour!! Good luck! the Spring house NCLEX rn-review made incredibly easy is what i used as a comprehensive quick review book and the Kaplan!