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Hi All, Like a lot of new Nurses, delegating hasn't come easy to me. I worked as an NAII throughout nursing school and busted my rear to help the Nurses in anyway possible. I did anything they... Read More

  1. by   sweetnnurse
    [quote=CoopergrrlRN]I don't give a CRAP that she wants to stay in the nursery. That is not her job. I am nice, and I thank her, and I tell her I thik shes doing a great job.
    But I am new and she is not and I think its a matter of her getting over it. And the fact that I don't bend over backwards. We will never be friends, and I don't really care. I do my job and expect no less from her.
    Wow, I guess I sound b*tchy but I don't mean to and I don't act that way. I am just sick and tired of the attitude.[/quote

    IMO this is not a ****** attitude. We just have to set limits or else break our backs doing all the work for one paycheck and when something happens they are the first to criticize.
  2. by   ms_orion
    There is power in the pen. Write them up and eventually they will be out of there. "sitting around eating chips"? This is an employer....not Grammas' house, come on....
  3. by   vamedic4
    What you offer in return is that you don't abuse your techs. If you're sitting, checking your emails, don't ask the tech to do something you can do perfectly well yourself, if only you'd just get UP and move (good reason to take your legit breaks OFF the floor). (YOU meaning not you personally, but a nurse in general).

    A great idea, and enlist the techs help if you need it...and if it's something minor...then they can do it themselves.

    Emernurse...thank you for pointing out that the techs DO fly around all day, doing things that leave the nurse available to do what is specifically HER duty..and that of course does not include shopping on! :-)

    Remember all, a techs job is to ASSIST the nurse in bedside patient care. Unfortunately it is your responsibility to see that it's done, done right and done in a timely manner. As a tech I have no problem doing what's asked of gets too dificult if I don't.

    Bottom line is that if TEAMWORK isn't happening on your floor, whether it's between techs and nurses, nurses and nurses, or techs and techs..then you have major problems. You're no better than they are, and vice versa. We're all there for the same reasons (well, obviously not ALL of us)

    Me, personally,I would ask her to do MORE than expected, maybe she'll get sick of you and leave the unit. dont be INTIMIDATED!!! Just smile while you win the battle girl.-

    -Not such a good idea. Management has a way of frowning on nurses who are perceived as "abusive". And I guarantee you that this tech, as manipulative as she is..will pull that card out of her butt.

    Don't be intimidated, but be respectful.

    A lot of nurses get that whole "I'm a nurse" attitude and chip on their shoulder too, guys...and though YOU may not be that person, remember that you do work with that person - and right or wrong, all it takes is one like that to bring a good tech down.

    If you get into the situation that you've asked and asked a tech to do something...go to the charge nurse and explain. Let her talk to your problem tech...some people just need things brought to their attention...some need a kick in the behind. If it continues....leave a paper trail. We have a former tech who would ONLY do vitals, no I/O, no bed changes...and she'd been at my facility for ....17 years. Instead of being FIRED, which should have happened in the mid 1990s, they kept her and actually had a party for her when she retired last year. UGH. Make sure you spell out in your written incident report what was asked, when, how many times, and the attitude of the tech...and any nurse witnesses.

    Have a great day, all.
  4. by   MIA-RN1
    Out of curiosity, I see advice often about writing someone does one do that? Is it agency specific? I have not heard one thing mentioned about that in the months I"ve been employed. I have, however, noticed a huge increase in tech assisstance on the unit (exception being the one mentioned above). I wonder if something's been said....
  5. by   vamedic4 is specific to your workplace, but ask about writeups for staff/ accidents/incidents...someone should have provided this information to you during your orientation.
    It is standard practice to write someone up for repeated or blatant mistakes/omissions/refusals.