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  1. Hi, everybody! So, what to say... I am making the first little step into nursing profession. That's right - I am a first year nursing student in Canadian college (Vancouver). First year sounds very good (I wish it were a year already); actually, I've just started (two weeks ago!). For those who don't remember what it feels like, I'll say that all I do now is studying, sleeping, studying, eating, studying... etc. I would never come up with an idea to participate in forum at this stage of my life if circumstances wouldn't force me to. In short, I am asking for HELP from practicing nurses (from any part of the world), who have left far behind (or maybe not so far) the joy and stress of being a nursing student. A part of our curriculum in the first term requires us to make an on-line interaction with practicing nurse, where we would discuss nursing related issues (nothing personal or confidential). It, generally, has to be 3-4 e-mails, not necessarily big ones. I hope we can make it not boring too. Anyway, if anybody would like (and could) to help me with this one, it would be just as life-saving. Please, anybody who's interested or know somebody who might be interested (maybe they had to do the same thing while in school), respond here or to my e-mail ( Any suggestions (like the web address of another forum) will also be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!
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    I want to thank everyone who was about to reply to this message. Please don't because I have found a nurse to interact with already. I was amazed how many nurses kindly responded to my request. It is very supportive of you guys. Thank you so much!