New Grad Job Search in Houston, TX

  1. I am graduating in May (finally) with my ADN. I really want to work at TCH! I love newborn nursery, L&D, and pediatrics. Am I being too picky? I'm nervous because I started school right out of high school so I only have experience waitressing for years at the same place. I have no clue how to even write a resume
    If anyone has any tips, suggestions, or comments for me, please help me out!

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  3. by   sherrytzu
    I live in the Houston area and the best way to apply for a new grad position is find out if they have an internship program. If you did really well in school you have a chance of TCH hiring you. They mostly hire BSN or MSN nurses but I know someone who works there and her sister helped her. She is an ADN also. The internship program is the best way to get your foot in the door. Your school should have some kind of program to assist in writing your resume and cover letter. Good luck with your search.